Blackburn Escorts

Blackburn – A Beautiful Town Known For Its Textile Industry

It would be interesting to know, where is Blackburn. Blackburn, a comparatively large town in county of Lancashire lies in the mid north-western part of England and very close to Manchester.

This historic town was known for its textile mills that dotted the region during the better part of 14th and 15th century and so grew in numbers with the passage of time. It had a well organised woollen and textile industry as the entire population settled here during that particular time weaved wools in their houses and supplied them to the many textile mills located nearby. This helped in the overall prosperity of Blackburn, be it in employment generation or revenue generation. During the period of industrial revolution, the textile mills expanded and Blackburn became a major hub of textile production.

Today, this town has grown and has some of the most beautiful landmarks in the form of Witton County Park, Blackburn Museum and Art Gallery, Blackburn Cathedral, Calf Hey Reservoir, Corporation Park to name a few. Tourists coming to England for an extended holiday always make it a point to visit Blackburn and its adjoining areas and experience true English lifestyle that this city has to offer.

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