Bury Escorts

Bury – A Mill Town With A Distinct Identity

Bury is a small town in Greater Manchester and it lies on River Irwell and to the east of Bolton. This town emerged during the period of Industrial Revolution as a major textile manufacturing center with a lots of cotton mills and thus earning the deserved title of a “mill town”. This town is known all over England for its open air market, The Bury Market which came into existence during the 15th century. The major tourist attraction in the town of Bury is the ‘Bury Parish Church’ which is a magnificent piece of architecture and stands proud till date. Today, the population of this town stands at more than 55,000 people making it a vibrant and populated town. By the end of the 19th century, this town had more than 7 cotton mills making it a distinct center of textile manufacturing especially, cotton. The opening up of the railways and connecting it to Manchester, London has helped Bury gain prominence and today it is one of the major towns in the whole of Greater Manchester.

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